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Marc Liu

July 10th, 2016


Dear Systematic Trader,

If you want to further improve your knowledge, hit-rate and accuracy in your trading, and want to learn “closed-doors” privileged information about the way private hedge funds trade and invest, then this will be the most important letter you read all day!

In just a moment, I’m going to share with you the advanced program from ‘The Systematic Trader (SMT)’, which utilises a methodology that I use in all my trades and investments to continually:

  • Hone in on the rare gems in the market
  • Get out-sized trading results and profits
  • Predict what the market will do months earlier

The great thing about this methodology, is that once you learn it, you’ll be able to start using it right away in your trading or investments to..

Get Supercharged Results In Your Trading and Investment Accounts

You’re going to know how to focus on the BEST IN CLASS stocks and investments…

You’re going to know how to exactly get in at the best possible time for these special basket of stocks.

And you’re going to know how to sell them at the right price…

Look, if you’re frustrated by doing frequent trading with many hits and misses, and would like to know how to lengthen your trades and investments even more (with an even more hands-off approach), coupled with higher accuracy…

Then this methodology is a proven path to getting the RESULTS you want and need.

So, before we go any further, there’s one absolute thing that I want to make sure you understand:

I have never believed in any kind of “get rich quick” techniques, or strategies that involve really short-term trading, or temporary gimmicks such as “the one ultimate candle-stick technique”. That’s why…

The Methodology You’re About To Learn Is Probably Not Like Anything Else You’ve Seen Or Tried

What I will be teaching is based on fundamental and proven principles, rather than just the fly-by-night Technical Analysis (TA) courses and gimmicks.

You just have to check your Facebook or the Internet in general to notice there’s a new “Trading Guru” popping up almost every day claiming they’ve found a new way to rake in cash day after day trading online.

In trading, instead of trying to “game” the system by fancy new tricks, it’s important to focus on using techniques that work for the long term. Let’s face it, anything can work for a short period of time, but it is the ones that stand the test of time that is truly valuable.

Taking this approach has really paid off for me in my investments and trading, and I truly believe it will for you, too.

Especially when you consider the astonishing results this strategy has produced…

“The Million Dollar Hedge Fund Strategy”

Yes, the strategies that I’m employing are used by some of the most successful investment firms to generate millions of dollars for them in the past two decades. That’s a real number.

Fact is, you would be shocked as to how different the “industry insiders” invest and trade as compared to the normal retail market.

I don’t share this with you to toot my horn or to sound superior.

But it is important you know that I have been very successful with my investments and trades — and that I have developed (together with some of my friends who are top traders and analysts in Tier-1 banks) strategies that work extremely well for me, continue to work, and I believe can help you, too.

I had to learn everything myself the hard way, spending enormous amount of time, energy, effort and money, going in circles for years, before achieving these results.

There’s Just One Problem…

Until now, unless you were on the “inside” of a very small group of “in-the-know” traders and investors, you couldn’t get access on the necessary knowledge and information to properly execute this methodology.

That’s why today I’d like to introduce you to…

“The Accelerated Trader Program”

13th – 14th August 2016


The Accelerated Trader is a 2-day intensive program that will teach you the exact methodology hedge funds use to grow their capital exponentially with less risk — and how you can implement it for your own trading account.

This is my default “go to” methodology that I’ve personally used for the past 10 years to grow my capital multiple-folds…

If you have read trading and investment books but derive no solid framework or approach to consistently make money, then this program is going to show you how…

If you want to learn both investment and trading techniques at one go, then this program is going to effectively do BOTH beautifully in record time…

If you’ve tried short-term trading and don’t seem to be getting the results you want, this program will fix your trading — you’ll surprised at how a “small shift” can make all the difference…


Here’s A Sneak Preview Of What You Will Learn:


  • The 5-minute crushingly powerful secret that even someone who doesn’t know about macroeconomics can use to predict upcoming recessions 6 – 12 months in advanced before it happens. (This technique was mentioned to be worth MORE than the price of the program itself.)
  • How to have an “x-ray” view of a stock to determine if it’s even worthy of your invesment at all. (Most stocks should not even be considered. Don’t waste time or your hard-earned money on them. Know how to spot a proper gem.)
  • An “undisclosed” proprietary calculation method used by a retired successful hedge fund manager to pre-qualify and value stocks in an objective way. (Read Buffett books but still have zero idea how to implement a proper solid framework? Use this awesome method and you can amass a portfolio of stocks that generates capital gains for you and that you can be proud of.)
  • The big mistake probably 90% of traders and investors (especially what is taught in general) that is guaranteed to cut your trading profits in half or worse.
  • A little-known technique that will instantly filter what the market favours now, and why you should be participating in them on a trading basis. Cut your analysis time by 80%, and still get much better results. (Best part: You will be shown exactly how to get the information, you just have to know where to look to get them.)

And that’s only a fraction of what we will cover in “The Accelerated Trader Program.”

This training is jam-packed with so many golden nuggets of information that you can’t help but elevate yourself to the next level.

My Standard Rate: Almost 40% OFF 

Considering what I’m going to teach you is ridiculously high in value, I kept it as a close secret amongst a few people whom I know well for a long period of time.

Previously having only taught this training under closed doors to a select few people, I will continue this tradition by extending this offer to SMT graduates and not anyone from the public.

My default coaching rate for a client on a 1 to 1 basis to teach this material starts from $5000 onwards.

Right now the ACT program will be made available for just $1888 — which is a complete steal considering what others had to invest before.

That’s right. For only $1888, you can get access to the Accelerated Training Program that others have paid over $5000 to access.

Join Now: There May Not Be A 2nd Chance

I’m only going to do this ONCE a year – simply because I do not have the bandwidth and the time to do this on a frequent basis, and to also make sure that I give the appropriate value and support each student requires.

To be straightforward, if my goal was to do this to make as much money as possible, I would hold this unique program as many times as I could. But this is not what I’m looking for.

Naturally, I’m only taking a small select group, 10 people to be exact, so that the content deliverability is maximised effectively, and that there will be tailored attention to each and every single person. As soon as I reach capacity, I have to turn away new applicants or put them on a waiting list.

So if you are interested in taking this program, you should respond NOW. After all spots are filled, I will have to turn away any further applicants.

If you’re really dedicated to making that quantum leap to the next level of your trading and investments  — and you’re ready to handle the insane amount of top-notch information that awaits you in the program  — then the Accelerated Trader Program may be just what you’re looking for.

Looking forward to work with you and watch your trading and investments take off from its current position!












10 Spots Left

Rave Reviews

What people are saying

ACT has inspired hundreds of people to learn how to trade profitably.

Thank you Marc, your course really taught me to trade and invest in the right way. No other teachers have given me such valuable information to trade/invest with such confidence! Thank you again!

Thomas Chong

Hi Marc, Thank you for sharing during the course the last two days. I really enjoyed it and it benefits me a alot. To me, it has provided a great financial journalism and investing strategies. The introduced approach or method is systematic, factual and disciplined to market investment. It has changed my perception on investment. This certainly will be a key strategy I am going to use from now. Thank you once again!

Max Koh

Hi Marc, your course was informative and very insightful. You gave us a set of tools to use and trade more profitably (especially the volume concept). Good job!

Jessie Lin

A comprehensive and practical seminar which gives me the tools and edge to carry out my stock trades more confidently. Thank you Marc.

Jason Loh

A trainer with full passion and commitment. Willing to impart and share his experiences and trading skill. Thanks!
Henry Seet

Marc’s session was very informative with excellent strategies to help people interested to trade the stock markets. The techniques taught are very safe (with a lot of buffer, and no stress). It is intensive, but very worth the time and money!

Marcus Ong

The ACT Course is an absolutely life-changing program. Marc has given me a concise framework on how to think about the markets and I have made close to 25% in the past 12 months by holding on to a few positions. I am also able to generate excess returns in my trading account by trading well with relatively little downside. Thumbs up!

Tan Shin Hwei

Systems and Networking Engineer

The ACT Course is indeed a money-value course for beginners to learn medium/long-term trading. Marc is always willing and passionate to teach and share. Strongly and highly recommended!

Dezmondo Tan

Thank you, I appreciate your sharing of valuable experience and advises. You are sincere and genuine as a trainer to help us in our goal of being a better trader/investor. I guess reading charts is more of an “art” skill, we don’t “see” or understand signals/signs on the charts. I appreciate your efforts and patience to explain and many times repeating observations and concepts to me. On the session itself, I came back with “many” of your concept background, calculations, observations, and charts reading. Thank you for your guidance and efforts.

Chan Hong Yap

I have attended Marc’s great course and refresher several times now and I always find them very refreshing and learn new/further insights every single time!

Koo Tuck Seng

The ACT course has allowed me to taste what it is like to be an investment banker. Though it was only a two days course, yet, it could show you, in the most practical manner, how investment bankers did it, how they think and how you can ride alongside with them. I love the course so much that I can’t stop asking questions and engage in intelligent discussions. The content, to me, is priceless because in reality, no investment banker will share with you their trade secrets. Marc has made it possible for humble people like me to tap into the inner circle. Marc, I cannot stop saying how excellent is your course and please allow me to say it again – it’s excellent! For those out there, who have always wanted to be the next Warren Buffet or Charlie Munger but never had the chance to know/learn how it’s done – this is the closest to the real thing! Marc – thank you so very much! You made my dream come true!
Dominic Chen

Oil and Gas, Shell

ACT is a superbly good and undervalued course. With lots of mind-bending information and sharing from Marc. He has us given valuable pointers from his years of trading experience that has translated into real trading results.

Sunny Heng

Hi Marc, thank you for the very interesting course held on last Saturday. It is an eye opener for me in many ways. I will certainly look for opportunities to try out the new strategies that I have just learnt. Looking forward eagerly to your next webinar so I can fine tune my understanding further.