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The ACT Program

Learn and establish a well-rounded knowledge of fundamental and technical principles to be a successful intermediate term trader. Plus, world-renowned guest speaker Collin Seow will share his powerful and effective short term trading strategies.

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How to gain proficiency

The stages of gaining trading consistency and the right mindsets to acquire in order to experience success in the markets.

Applying technicals

How to employ discretionary technical trading correctly and the unconventional way of using indicators.

Selecting the correct market/stocks

Why you should drastically limit the stocks that you trade and how to choose only the best few stocks or instruments for active trading or investing.

Proprietary volume techniques

Never see volume the same way ever again. Using volume to mark out high probability reversal areas.

Assessing fundamentals

Why it is one of the strongest keys to trading, learn the concept of intrinsic value (asset valuation) with a quick and dirty method to calculate it.

Market Plays

The correct and uncomplicated way to trade patterns; and other high-reward technical plays coupled with a unique position sizing method that will drastically enhance your trading.

Rave Reviews

What people are saying

ACT has inspired hundreds of people to learn how to trade profitably.

Thank you Marc, your course really taught me to trade and invest in the right way. No other teachers have given me such valuable information to trade/invest with such confidence! Thank you again!

Thomas Chong

Hi Marc, your course was informative and very insightful. You gave us a set of tools to use and trade more profitably (especially the fibo and volume concept). Good job!

Jessie Lin

A comprehensive and practical seminar which gives me the tools and edge to carry out my stock trades more confidently. Thank you Marc.

Jason Loh

A trainer with full passion and commitment. Willing to impart and share his experiences and trading skill. Thanks!
Henry Seet

The ACT Course is a life changing program. Marc has given me a concise framework on how to think about the markets and I have made close to 25% in the past 12 months by holding on to a few positions. I am also able to generate excess returns in my trading account by trading well with relatively little downside.

Tan Shin Hwei

Systems and Networking Engineer

Thank you, I appreciate your sharing of valuable experience and advises. You are sincere and genuine as a trainer to help us in our goal of being a better trader/investor. I guess reading charts is more of an “art” skill, we don’t “see” or understand signals/signs on the charts. I appreciate your efforts and patience to explain and many times repeating observations and concepts to me. On the session itself, I came back with “many” of your concept background, calculations, observations, and charts reading. Thank you for your guidance and efforts.

Chan Hong Yap

I have attended Marc’s great course and refresher several times now and I always find them very refreshing and learn new/further insights every single time!

Koo Tuck Seng

Hi Marc, thank you for the very interesting course held on last Saturday. It is an eye opener for me in many ways. I will certainly look for opportunities to try out the new strategies that I have just learnt. Looking forward eagerly to your next webinar so I can fine tune my understanding further.


The ACT course has allowed me to taste what it is like to be an investment banker. Though it was only a two days course, yet, it could show you, in the most practical manner, how investment bankers did it, how they think and how you can ride alongside with them. I love the course so much that I can’t ask stop questions and engage in a intelligent discussions. The content, to me, is priceless because in reality, no investment banker will share with you their trade secrets. Marc has made it possible for humble people like me to tap into the inner circle. Marc, I cannot stop saying how excellent is your course and please allow me to say it again – it’s excellent! For those out there, who have always wanted to be the next Warren Buffet or Charlie Munger but never had the chance to know/learn how it’s done – this is the closest to the real thing! Marc – thank you so very much! You made my dream come true!

Dominic Chen

Oil and Gas Industry, Shell

Marc’s session was very informative with excellent strategies to help people interested to trade the stock markets. The techniques taught are very safe (with a lot of buffer, and no stress). It is intensive, but very worth the time and money!
Marcus Ong

ACT is a very good and undervalued course. With lots of information and sharing from Marc. He has us given valuable pointers from his years of trading experience.

Sunny Heng

The ACT Course is indeed a money-value course for beginners to learn medium/long-term trading. Marc is always willing and passionate to teach and share. Strongly and highly recommended.

Dezmondo Tan